Golden Touch /Small Group Training Friday Nights - Starting 10/1  

When: Every Friday 6:00 - 7:10p

Where: North Collier Regional Park 

Who: Players ages: 7.-14


Each session will cover a variety of areas to improve your child's soccer game. Those areas include: passing, dribbling, shooting, overall ball mastery, and the "mental approach" which will develop confidence. We implement our training through our 3 step phase: 

  1. Define - Establish their level / skillset 
  2. Refine - Solidify their understanding 
  3. Enhance - Introduce them to new concepts skills and ideas (take them to their next level). 

 Players are separated accordingly for training (age, skill level, gender). Our training and mentorship is proven to enhance every playing ability, space is limited for maximum attention and development.   

Location Information

  • North Collier Regional Park
  • 15000 livingston rd, naples, FL, 34109 US

Select your sessions

  • Session 2 - October 8th

    Session 2 - October 8th [27 remaining]

    How to THINK the game.
    Key areas: passing and shooting

    Price $35.00

  • Session 3 - October 15th

    Session 3 - October 15th [24 remaining]

    How to FINESSE the game
    Key areas:
    Control the ball in the air
    Finishing and moves

    Price $35.00

  • Session 4 - October 22nd

    Session 4 - October 22nd [25 remaining]

    How to IMPOSE your will on the game
    Key areas:
    Protect the ball and shooting

    Price $35.00

  • Session 5 - October 29th

    Session 5 - October 29th [26 remaining]

    How to dominate the game.
    Key Areas:
    Defending and transition

    Price $35.00

  • Session 6 - November 5th

    Session 6 - November 5th [25 remaining]

    How to win the game:
    Key Areas
    Shooting, Shooting , Shooting

    Price $35.00

  • Session 7 - November 12th

    Session 7 - November 12th [23 remaining]

    How to Champion the game:
    Key Areas:
    Dribbling and passing
    mental approach

    Price $35.00

  • Session 8 - November 19th

    Session 8 - November 19th [23 remaining]

    How to WIN the game (again)!
    Key Areas:

    Price $35.00

  • Session 9: December 10th

    Session 9: December 10th [11 remaining]

    Key Areas:

    Price $35.00

  • Session 10: December 17th

    Session 10: December 17th [11 remaining]

    Key Areas:
    shooting dribbling and touches on the ball

    Price $35.00

A signed waiver by event participant or parent/guardian will be required before you can download your QR code. A link to obtain waivers for all registrants will be shown on the confirmation page.


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