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  • Session 1 - September 30th

    Session 1 - September 30th

    How to PLAY the game.
    Key areas: Dribbling with speed and moves using multiple surfaces of the foot

    Price $25.00

  • Session 2 - October 7th

    Session 2 - October 7th

    How to THINK the game.
    Key areas: passing and shooting

    Price $25.00

  • Session 3 - October 14th

    Session 3 - October 14th

    How to FINESSE the game
    Key areas:
    Control the ball in the air
    Finishing and moves

    Price $25.00

  • Session 4 - October 21st

    Session 4 - October 21st

    How to impose your will on the game
    Key areas:
    Protect the ball and shooting

    Price $25.00

  • Session 5 - October 28th

    Session 5 - October 28th

    How to dominate the game.
    Key Areas:
    Defending and transition

    Price $25.00

  • Session 6 - November 4th

    Session 6 - November 4th

    How to win the game:
    Key Areas
    Shooting, Shooting , Shooting

    Price $25.00

  • Session 7 - Novemeber 11th

    Session 7 - Novemeber 11th

    How to Champion the game:
    Key Areas:
    Dribbling and passing
    mental approach

    Price $25.00

  • Session 8 - November 18th

    Session 8 - November 18th

    How to WIN the game (again)!
    Key Areas:

    Price $25.00

  • The terms and conditions of this agreement are as follows. You are enrolling the player listed in the registration in a high intensity soccer training program and release Stovi Stars of any damages. Recognizing the possibility of injury or illness, I consent to my son/daughter participating in the Programs. Further, I hereby release, discharge, and otherwise indemnify Stovi Stars and its member organizations and sponsors,
    their employees, associated personnel, and volunteers, including the owner of fields and facilities utilized for
    the Programs, against any claim by or on behalf of my player son/daughter as a result of my son's/daughter’s
    participation in the Programs.

    You are agreeing to fully satisfy the cost of participation for the player listed in the registration. If payment is declined, no attempt to satisfy the balance within 15 days, your account will be labeled as delinquent and forwarded to the credit bureau. In the event the player listed in the registration is not able to participate in the program, a written notice is required 10 days prior to the start of the event to receive a 35% refund. Players that suffer an injury during camp will receive a 25% refund depending on the time of injury.

    Media Wavier
    I hereby consent to having my child interviewed, photographed, recorded on audio and/or video by the Stovi Stars for commercial print or television media for the reporting of programs taking place at Evangelical Christian School or North Collier Regional Park with full knowledge that the end product may appear in print publications, on television, in a video, or on the Internet. The end product may also be used for instructional purposes and/or for public information. I understand that my child, the student named above, may be depicted and or/identified by one or more of the media.
    I release North Collier Regional, Evangelical Christian School, Stovi Stars Soccer Training Academy and their agents, servants, or employees from any responsibility or liability arising from the use of interviews, photographs, videotapes, sound recordings or other images either of my child or created by my child or others.


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